Our international partners and medical teams at your service

Behind each medical repatriation, whether it takes place in France or on the other side of the world, a team of experts meets your needs 7 days a week.

Active throughout the process, they are highly efficient heroes in the shadows, searching for the most appropriate and least expensive solution

Clients & Partners

Medical repatriations, medical evacuations, health assessments, organization and optimization of care in accredited facilities, orientation, company, teleconsultation, transporting medical teams by air, medical concierge

With West Indies Assistance, your journey is totally supervised.

Indeed, our platform has been specifically designed to enable our clients to have a positive impact on the health of their policyholders and employees. Our offers cover all aspects of personalized and effective health care. Our vocation? To act in the best interest of patients and our clients while controlling costs.


Insurance & Mutuals

Our organization assists them in organizing and optimizing your health care pathway.

With West Indies Assistance, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies can propose new personalized offers within the framework of customer loyalty and development.

Thus, we strive to ensure the safety of employees, expatriates or travelers during their travels in case of medical problems.

Hospitals and clinics

Several health establishments accompany users in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Together, we collaborate:

– The University Hospital of Guadeloupe

– The Saint-Paul Clinic in Martinique

– The Eaux-Claires Clinic in Guadeloupe

These structures are particularly attractive for neighbouring territories that do not always have the equipment or ad hoc structures to treat certain pathologies.

Thanks to our partner institutions, we can offer solutions as relevant as in Miami and at a much lower cost.

Medical technology : The cyclotron

In Martinique, this particle accelerator will produce energy to create radioisotopes. They will be used to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals in the laboratory.

This latest generation device is a major diagnostic tool.

Its installation on the island of flowers represents a significant opportunity for the accompaniment of patients.

Institutions : State – Government

We intervene in parallel with cooperation programs in order to contribute to the development of international health projects to improve the quality of care for citizens,

In particular in the context of access to the future cyclotron.

Individual patients

We ensure that individual patients have access to the best medical facilities and support them at every stage of their medical journey in Martinique and Guadeloupe. We work with our medical and non-medical partners to organize and coordinate each step.