When traveling abroad, travelers may encounter medical problems outside their home country. They must be assured of being able to travel quickly and under the best conditions. West Indies Assistance evacuates patients to suitable medical facilities in their home countries on board aircrafts equipped with medical equipment. 

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  • An insurance or mutual insurance company
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  • A hospital or clinic
  • A patient or relative of a patient
  • A potential medical/non-medical partner
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In order to be transported to the right health facility in accordance with your pathology, the appropriate means must be chosen beforehand. Whether you need a medical evacuation or repatriation, the experts at West Indies Assistance are ready to assist you..

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Plan your medical trip

Need to plan your medical trip? We can help you get to the right place safely.

Does one of your insureds have a medical emergency and needs to be transported?

Evacuation procedures and requirements depend on the patient’s condition. In a less severe case, a patient may be transferred from a medical flight to a commercial flight. In critical conditions, the patient will need a fully equipped aircraft until the return.

The WIA team can arrange for you to travel quickly and securely to the secondary medical facility of your choice and manage all transportation logistics for you.

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Quote for a repatriation request

Do you need emergency transportation but your local facility is unable to provide comprehensive care? WIA offers to take you safely to your destination.

When you or a loved one is faced with an emergency incident, we will work with you to find the nearest facility that can provide adequate care as quickly as possible. Once a physician has determined that an evacuation is necessary, our company will charter a medical aircraft.

Our team of experts will cover all the details necessary to transport a person home after receiving emergency care.