What are the advantages of stretcher repatriation on a commercial flight?


Looking for a comfortable, safe and affordable way to repatriate or evacuate a sick or injured patient by air? Look no further! The repatriation and stretcher evacuation service on a commercial flight offered by West Indies Assistance is the solution you need! Discover the main benefits of this service, which represents a serious alternative to private air ambulance service, and which meets the specific needs of insurance companies and patients in many situations.

Savings – Repatriation or medical evacuation on a commercial flight is much more cost-effective than an air ambulance

Repatriation on a commercial flight is often a much more cost-effective option than using a private air ambulance for medical transport. Commercial airlines offer more affordable fares, while providing the same or higher levels of comfort and convenience. In fact, commercial airlines can spread the costs among all the passengers on the flight. Airlines have superior transportation capabilities and their aircraft are designed to meet current safety standards. In contrast, private air ambulance services must cover aircraft rental, maintenance costs, fuel, insurance and medical personnel for each mission. All of this is reflected in the price of specialized air ambulance services, which is often higher.

Safety and comfort – On a commercial flight, patients on stretchers are transported in equipment specially designed to ensure their safety and comfort

West Indies Assistance uses the latest and most innovative equipment for stretcher repatriation and ensures that all passengers are transported safely. In all cases, our team of experienced medical personnel will accompany you to provide the highest quality of care and ensure the safety of the patient until arrival at the destination. Depending on the patient’s medical needs, we deploy a team of health professionals including a doctor, nurse, first aid attendant or paramedic. We thus offer medical services at the level of those offered on a flight in a private air ambulance. We also provide specialized assistance for ground transportation, from airport pick-up to arrival at the final destination. Our goal is to ensure that the patient is safe and well cared for throughout the transfer process.

Global reach – Commercial flights can reach destinations around the world

West Indies Assistance provides medical repatriation to many destinations in the world on airliners operated by Air France. Our team can arrange patient transport to and from a wide variety of locations around the world and we are fully equipped to handle international transfers between countries. This flexibility allows us to provide our clients with a reliable stretcher medical repatriation service on airliners that meets the most stringent requirements. We offer urgent medical evacuations to the French Caribbean territories, Europe, the United Kingdom, America and Canada.

Familiar environment – Patients have the opportunity to travel in a familiar environment with their caregivers

Allowing patients to travel in a familiar and comfortable environment when it comes to health-related issues is a real necessity for patient well-being and health. When boarding a commercial aircraft for a short or long distance, patients enjoy the comfort of an airliner during their medical repatriation and can be accompanied by their families who will be checked in on the same flight. The accompanying caregivers are provided with all the necessary information and expertise to provide safe and reliable care during the medical transport.

Ease of travel – Repatriation on a commercial flight is generally easier than an air ambulance

Bed-to-bed stretcher repatriation on commercial flights requires less organization than using a private air ambulance due to several factors. First, airlines have standard, proven procedures in place to handle these situations. Civil aviation safety standards require that airlines have cabin crew trained to treat minor medical problems and that they have equipment on board to respond to these emergencies. In addition, commercial flights have regular, pre-determined routes, making it easier to set up, plan and coordinate medical transport. Finally, commercial flights also offer more flexibility than a private ambulance plane when it comes to scheduling pick-up and drop-off times. With commercial flights, you have a choice of departure times.

West Indies Assistance is your trusted partner for medical repatriation on commercial flights. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable transfer experience that meets the highest standards of care. From arranging the flight, to coordinating ground transportation and caregiver support, to ensuring safety throughout the process, we guarantee reliable stretcher medical repatriation services worldwide. Whether it is a commercial flight or an air ambulance, the mode of transportation will be chosen based on the patient’s specific medical conditions and needs and in consultation with a medical professional. Trust us to offer you the best possibilities and solutions for the repatriation of your patients from and to the Caribbean area. Contact us today to learn more about the different types of transportation!

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