How does West Indies Assistance guarantee a seamless, stress-free repatriation and medical evacuation experience in the Caribbean?


Medical repatriation is a major concern for both travelers and sailors in the Caribbean basin. An accident or serious illness are difficult and stressful situations to deal with, especially away from home. That’s why West Indies Assistance offers solutions to help insurers provide the best services to their customers. Find out how WIA guarantees a seamless, stress-free medical repatriation experience in the Caribbean basin thanks to 15 years’ experience.

Evacuation and repatriation solutions for every situation

West Indies Assistance offers medical evacuation and repatriation services in the Caribbean basin and worldwide. Our staff are experienced specialists in the field of medical repatriation. We partner with the best hospitals, doctors and medical transport providers. Our team is dedicated to providing the best medical care to our customers. Whatever your needs and the patient’s condition, West Indies Assistance has the right solution for you. Medical repatriation or evacuation on stretchers by commercial flight or air ambulance, we can adapt to any situation to offer your customers the best service at the lowest cost, with qualified medical staff to accompany them if necessary.

Total availability

We are committed to providing fast, efficient medical assistance to ensure that our customers can return home safely and with as little stress as possible. We offer comprehensive medical repatriation services, including initial medical assessment and arranging the necessary transport services. We provide comprehensive assistance for people in need of emergency medical repatriation. This includes 24-hour medical assistance and help with the administrative formalities involved in medical repatriation. We also organize air and ground ambulance services. Your patient is taken care of throughout the repatriation process, to limit stress in these critical situations for him and his family.

Repatriation and medical evacuation to the Americas and Europe

Our team has extensive experience in managing medical repatriations in the Caribbean basin. We have a deep understanding of the medical transportation issues in the region, and have established trusted relationships with local physicians and healthcare providers. We are able to provide thoughtful and accurate advice to our customers to help them make informed decisions about their medical repatriation whatever their destination. Our team serves the entire Caribbean region, and organizes returns to patients’ countries of origin in Europe, North and South America.

Rock-solid reliability

At West Indies Assistance, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality care and customer experience. We are committed to providing a seamless, stress-free medical repatriation experience for all our customers in the Caribbean basin. We are aware that we play a crucial role in enabling insurance companies to offer the best possible medical evacuation and repatriation service. Thanks to our expertise in the field of medical assistance, we can guarantee fast, effective solutions for medical emergencies requiring evacuation or repatriation. By working closely with insurance companies, West Indies Assistance guarantees personalized care tailored to the specific needs of each case. Our extensive network of medical and airline partners enables us to provide superior evacuation and repatriation services, ensuring patient safety and comfort throughout the process. In addition, we maintain transparent, ongoing communication with insurance companies, patients and their families, keeping them informed at every stage of the evacuation or repatriation process. West Indies Assistance is therefore an essential partner for insurance companies seeking to offer a first-class medical evacuation and repatriation service to their customers.

In short, thanks to our experience and commitment to quality care, West Indies Assistance is one of the best providers of medical evacuation and repatriation services in the Caribbean basin. We work hand in hand with the best hospitals, the best doctors and the best medical transport providers to guarantee the best possible care for our customers. We offer full medical assistance and stretcher transport by airliner, air ambulance and ground ambulance for all our customers, ensuring that their medical repatriation experience is as seamless as possible. More than 150 insurance companies use our services. Contact us for more information!

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