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Medical repatriation: bringing our loved ones home safely?

In times of crisis, whether accident, illness, unforeseen situations or global epidemics, many travelers find themselves stranded abroad, far from home, and facing health problems. In this situation, medical repatriation is often the only option for bringing our loved ones home safely. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly what a medical repatriation is, why it […]

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Why Insurance Companies Should Consider Medical Evacuation Between Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean region is one of the most beautiful and alluring places in the world, and with its warm temperatures, inviting beaches, and stunning natural scenery, it attracts millions of tourists each year. However, unforeseen medical emergencies can occur at any time, and when they do, it’s essential to have access to medical evacuation services. […]

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How does West Indies Assistance guarantee a seamless, stress-free repatriation and medical evacuation experience in the Caribbean?

Medical repatriation is a major concern for both travelers and sailors in the Caribbean basin. An accident or serious illness are difficult and stressful situations to deal with, especially away from home. That’s why West Indies Assistance offers solutions to help insurers provide the best services to their customers. Find out how WIA guarantees a […]

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What are the advantages of stretcher repatriation on a commercial flight?

Looking for a comfortable, safe and affordable way to repatriate or evacuate a sick or injured patient by air? Look no further! The repatriation and stretcher evacuation service on a commercial flight offered by West Indies Assistance is the solution you need! Discover the main benefits of this service, which represents a serious alternative to […]


Medical repatriation – The different modes of transport

Medical aircraft, commercial flights in business class or stretcher, bed-to-bed transport, discover in this article, the different possible modes of air transport for a medical repatriation. What is a medical repatriation? When you are on a business trip or on vacation abroad, you may fall ill or have an accident. In this case, the patient […]