Why Insurance Companies Should Consider Medical Evacuation Between Caribbean Islands


The Caribbean region is one of the most beautiful and alluring places in the world, and with its warm temperatures, inviting beaches, and stunning natural scenery, it attracts millions of tourists each year. However, unforeseen medical emergencies can occur at any time, and when they do, it’s essential to have access to medical evacuation services. In this blog post, we highlight why insurance companies should consider offering medical evacuation services between Caribbean islands, ensuring that their customers receive the care they need in a crisis. 

1. Medical Emergencies are Unpredictable 

Medical emergencies can happen anytime without warning, particularly when traveling. For example, someone can suddenly experience a heart attack, stroke, or injury, requiring emergency medical attention, which can only be given in a different location. In such situations, medical evacuation services can save lives and improve recovery. Insurance companies that provide medical evacuation services between Caribbean islands can offer their customers peace of mind, knowing they have access to immediate and professional medical support, wherever they are, should an emergency arise. 

2. Challenges with Local Medical Facilities 

The Caribbean islands are home to various medical facilities, ranging from basic clinics to larger, more advanced hospitals offering specialized treatments and procedures. It does not guarantee that every island will have the required medical attention needed for a specific medical case. For instance, specialized treatments may not be available in some islands, requiring medical evacuation to another island with more advanced medical facilities. Therefore, insurance companies must offer medical evacuation between Caribbean islands as part of their insurance policy to ensure their customers receive the required medical attention without any constraints. West Indies Assistance provides care to anyone in need of repatriation to one of three French overseas departments – particularly Guadeloupe and Martinique – with access to high-quality health care, cutting-edge technical facilities, and the option to use the European Health Insurance Card which covers up to 80% of medical expenses. 

3. Improved Customer Experience 

Providing a great customer experience is key to retaining customers. By offering medical evacuation services between the Caribbean islands, insurance companies present themselves as reliable and responsible partner to their customers. This assures customers that they are receiving a product that cares for their well-being and seeks to ensure their safety. The medical evacuation services also offer a sense of security, as in the event of a medical emergency, the customer knows that they can rely on their insurer to help them access the medical care they need, regardless of their location. 

4. Increased Competitiveness for insurance companies 

Offering medical evacuation services between the Caribbean islands can make an insurance company stand out from its competitors. By providing additional services that meet the unique needs of their customers, insurance companies can differentiate themselves from other providers and offer added value to their policyholders. This improves customer loyalty and retention while also attracting new customers to the insurance company’s offerings. 

5. Medical evacuation in Caribbean is Cost-Effective 

Medical evacuation services might seem like an expensive addition to insurance policies, leading some insurers to look for cheaper alternatives. However, offering these services between Caribbean islands can ultimately be cost-effective for the insurance company and the policyholder. In cases of emergency, the cost of a medical evacuation can often be quite substantial, and many people may not have sufficient funds to cover the cost. However, with medical evacuation coverage provided by the insurance company, policyholders can access necessary services without worrying about the financial burden. 

Medical evacuation services can significantly impact the quality of care a person receives during a medical emergency, and insurance companies must step up and offer such services to their customers. With rising demand for medical evacuation services between Caribbean islands, insurers who prioritize this coverage are likely to see considerable benefits in terms of customer loyalty, improved customer experience, increased competitiveness, and improved lives of their policyholders. West Indies Assistance proposes all types of medical repatriations thanks to 24/24 and 7/7 care and international medical repatriation options. Specializing in stretcher evacuation and repatriation for more than 15 years, WEST INDIES ASSISTANCE and its team of experienced professionals meet the most demanding requirements of insurance companies. 

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